You’re An Animal: The Masculine Alchemy of Anger

“Be total,” he urged, as I unleashed a primal scream into a paisley print pillow. The fabric wore its age. I couldn’t help but wonder how many people’s assholes had kissed it before me. The thought quickly fades behind the violent energy of a cathartic roar.

Purification, integration, softening the grips of cellular repression – whatever you want to call it – I was uncorking the caged animal within.

The first time I consciously yelled into a cushion, intense flashbacks washed over me from childhood; episodes where I had stormed into my bedroom in a fury, cursing someone’s name, purging my lungs into the mattress and pounding my fists. Five minutes later I would be rolling in the backyard, grinning from ear to ear.

In those days I was total. We all were. Emotion would naturally arise, followed by the according release. Children generally don’t hold on to the motions of frustration. It’s a rising wave of energy, like any other. We become it, feel it, and allow it to be expelled like used oxygen.

But somewhere along the way, we learn that it isn’t safe to release that energy into the world, believing we will be rejected, hated, feared, attacked, or arrested; people may retract their love and attention from us. Society at large and the family system will reprimand and, perhaps, even beat our anger back into us. And so, we bottle and conceal it, deep down, like a locked trunk in the basement covered with a sheet and hidden beneath the stairs.

It is through this conditioning that we develop a retentive reflex, splitting off a piece of ourselves and projecting it out into the world; causing us to recoil from those who display that which we’ve disowned – rage, perversion, immaturity. It takes incredible energy to resist and keep fragmented inherent parts of our nature. In particular, and most commonly, anger.

I had detached myself so radically from the feeling of it that I could barely register it anymore. When my anger would get provoked it would often be transmuted into sadness by the time it entered my conscious awareness. The pit of my stomach would grow cold, with an accompanying feeling of being put down, or being wrong, in some way. When I tugged at the loose ends of that knot, I discovered a white hot “FUCK YOU,” burning to lash out and crush something.

This pattern of withhold was especially present with women, which (big surprise) might have to do with mommy issues. It’s rarely safe to direct your anger at your mother, especially mine. She kept kitchen utensils in holsters. And since I was brought up going to church on Sundays, if I didn’t fear her, it would be Jesus bleeding on the cross, with all-seeing eyes, that would smite me for my sins. So, I kept it quiet and, instead, used that energy to carve hieroglyphs into all my bedroom furniture with a steak knife.

This dynamic, combined with the residual cultural influence of feminism, created a strong sense of taboo around exerting my power towards a woman. Whenever I felt emasculated in a relationship, that icy wave passed over my stomach and my eyes glazed over. The last thing I was going to do was fight back, because that involved inviting a dark, unstable energy to come out and play. I was afraid of becoming the guy that started shouting and walked out of the room, or pushed her around.

The long-term issue with this reflex is that when rage is forbidden to leak through it slides into sadness and depression. And instead of responding to life with authentic strength, we become quiet and distant, detached from our lovers, and ourselves.

Really, our anger is passion; it is power. When acknowledged, owned and directed, it becomes the force that moves mountains, sets boundaries, demands respect, and drives us forward with razor sharp focus. It is the missing half of a man’s self-esteem. It comprises our “spine,” which creates natural magnetic attraction. A woman can sense the presence of an edge, inherent strength, which provides a sense of safety and uncertainty all at once. Although, just because it’s there, doesn’t mean it will stop them from testing it. That’s just plain fun.

As we explore these blocks, we relinquish a sort of energetic constipation, and begin to more fully unfold and express from our true nature, wherein lies the possibility of actualizing our highest potentials. This process involves reclaiming and replacing all the shards and fragments scattered in the shadows; the unseen depths of our psyche. These are the parts of us we’d rather not admit to. But they are parts of us all the same.

We are animals by nature, yet we see ourselves somehow distinct from the animal kingdom; separated by a thin veil of khaki pants and linen napkins. We’re driven by the same instincts, prone to the same fits of rage and rapturous love, but we’ve built around ourselves this contrived societal game of appearances with etiquette and standards that accept only our syrupy sides. All the rest are certifiable psychological disorders and diseases.

To be fully at peace with ourselves we must accept the full spectrum of our “human-ness;” to see and accept the capacities we have for rage, greed and lust. Some may reject this in the name of a kind of spiritual purity, choosing strict retreat into the castles of meditation and communication with angel guides, and believing they are somehow cleansed of, or immune to, this fundamental condition. Of course, there are the qualities of spiritual intelligence, serenity and compassion to develop, but those efforts should not ignore what is: that by the very nature of being alive as a human being, we at once contain darker, more brutal qualities as well.

When they are owned, when we see them in ourselves, we are freed a great deal from their influence, and the guilt of their presence, leading to a greater sense of liberation and a life lived in such a fashion.

So, if he seeks Self-actualization, this is part of the necessary journey of the modern man: to rediscover and unite himself with the force of wildness within. That’s not to say he should act out as a criminal, but harness that immense energy we have, in all forms, which makes us capable of such radical, total acts. Until we do, we’re like a Ferrari being driven in first gear.

When that power is discovered, it becomes the catalyst for change. Anger at one’s circumstances and stale patterns is the most effective energy with which to transform them. And with it, as a bonus, we will also satisfy the animal in a woman by knowing the potential to take her, unapologetically, spreading her open and penetrating the goddess within with ravenous worship.

Ultimate fulfillment and success, or forward movement, lies in tapping such resources. In them we may discover, feel, and know our fullest Self, commit to it. From this place our highest destiny will naturally unfold.

Seek yourself not only in the light, but as well in the shadow.



It often takes something like the stillness of Sunday’s twilight to grant space enough for my heart to settle completely. With a drag, I invite a tempering wisp of tobacco into my blood. The town is silent in the early morning, save for the occasional cab driver trolling the streets for willing fare. I muse on the miracle of engines, and the meaning of knowledge in a world that can’t be truly known.

I remember past times, distant memories only yesterday. Glimpses of travels where life was not so rife with comforts and electricity. I remember the value of a street lamp and a cold drink of water. Now drowned in a river of infinite satiation for every thirst, except the soul’s.

All is right in a moment truly savoured; paused, with no desire for the next just yet. You drink it in, rich with it’s many textures.

You think: how rare it is to be here, thinking, saving, breathing.

I exhale spent air and think of her skin. Her flavour in midnight.

There’s something teasingly intangible about this space. It cannot be held or photographed. It will be forgotten like the laughter of the passing spring. And we may only release into it, so long as it remains.

I was moved to share this theatric inspiration and also future plans. Very shortly I’ll be launching “The Awakening Man” – a blog and podcast on practical spirituality and evolved relationship, intended for the modern male. I feel that guys could use more relatable, grounded material around personal development in a spiritual context. It will begin with more of a focus on realistic application of non-dual perspectives in intimate relationship, with some “fuck’s” and “shit’s” here and there.

Look forward to sharing.

Being Infinite: A Catch 22

This life, be it your only one, or one of many (up to you) – is a human experience. With that comes certain inherent limitations. While there are no limits to our experience in the mind, there are definite limits to our experience with the body, which cannot be transcended; barring of course astral out-of-body experiences (OBE’s) or chemically altered states of experience.

A swelling movement in the last several years is turning more people on to the concept of the ego – the axial locus in the mind that believes it’s thoughts are real; that it’s separate from the outside world, and freely shares about how you look in the mirror.

As copies of books like “The Power of Now” continue to be passed around from friend to friend, the number of people contemplating the infinite space between their thoughts ever increases. The awareness of this truth, that the thinker, the “I”, is not real, nor is its elaborate life story, can lead not only to empowerment and serenity, but also depression and anguish.

ImageHere someone has discovered that they can free themselves from inner thought and opinion, that what they thought they were isn’t real. They’ve discovered that they aren’t John Doe, but actually the whole totality of cosmic energy. Yet here they are standing in the middle of the same life they were living before, which requires that same ego, the thinker, to continue functioning.

If I just sit here and “be the space of awareness”, I’ll promptly get evicted from my apartment and starve to death. One must continue to exchange time and energy for money, pay the rent, keep friends and family, and use language tactfully if they ever hope to get laid.

Most people who have contemplated the true, infinite nature of their being will know the instability of their sanity. Trying to put a foot in each canoe, as it were, creates a kind of split personality disorder. Personally, I’ve found it incredibly difficult to psychologically manage the role of both non-dual Universe and ordinary citizen.

There’s the rub, the dilemma especially in urban civilization. If you want to do and have the things you like to have and do, you have to keep pretending that you are “You”. There is no place for a person in the city if they choose not to play the game of citizen. Society does not value or reward retreat. In Vancouver, the closest equivalent of living in a mountain cave in the Himalayas is pitching a cardboard box in a Gastown alley.

And what’s the point, really? Actually doing shit is way more fulfilling than a life of cave meditation.

If you’ve come so far on the “path”, as they say, what you then must come to accept, or otherwise go completely mad, is that once your mask – the ego – has been found out, it will never be completely discarded. You will still carry on until death with body and the details on your birth certificate.

When you haven’t fully accepted being human, life kind of feels like living next door to a massive party and you’re not allowed in. There’s something fantastic going on, just outside of your comprehension, and you’re never quite satisfied about it. You can’t fully get on with life.

You must embrace it – the pain, the joy, the detours and details. Thrive in it. Explore it’s absolute potential while you can. Strive to be more awesome. Make your little world something worth being a part of. Illuminate the shadows and unobserved parts of the accumulated personality. Make healthier choices. Challenge yourself.

The trick to this whole game, I think, is to still have desires, to set goals, to grow and become something you enjoy being – in short, living your life – while, as often as you can, remembering the space between the real, infinite You, and thought. Soon enough that thoughtless awareness could begin to pervade all the activities of your day, not just in meditation or yoga practice. You will more easily be able to let go of anger, judgment, self-deprecation, and generally any thoughts born out of the illusion of separation.

It’s possible to “pretend” to be the trappings of your skeleton, without forgetting that you’re much, much more.

Now go on, get lost!