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Rebirthing Breathwork

FAQ: What is Rebirthing?

A potent therapy that utilizes the simple mechanics of breathing to naturally facilitate transcendental states of consciousness and deep emotional/psychological healing. It was shaped between 1962 and 1975 by Leonard Orr, a pioneer in the human potential movement and alternative healing therapies.

The most commonly reported experiences of Rebirthing can be consolidated into 4 practical pieces:

  • Powerful release of repressed and stored emotion
  • Profound spiritual revelation and insight
  • Unparalleled feelings of serenity, vitality and clarity
  • Relief from chronic pain and tension.

Chris’ Two Cents:

It is in my experience, with clients, colleagues, and veteran therapists utilizing this modality, that patients of Rebirthing get exactly what it is they need at the time of the session, be it processing or release of emotion, radical clarity on deep personal and spiritual issues, or out-of-body experiences through, and beyond, time.

It seems (wink, wink) as though there is a subtle, intelligent force, that is guiding Your development and providing, or illuminating (depending on your perspective) the perfect resources for our current situation. This could be a gentle poke, or a firm karate chop to the jugular.

While you won’t find studies on Rebirthing in the American Journal, it’s efficacy in the realms of healing and personal development are absolutely clear through first hand accounts. If you are wary or cautious of psychedelic medicines, but are interested in their benefits in a therapeutic setting, Rebirthing is an ideal alternative. The desired experiences of radical growth, communion with one’s higher self, feelings of love and oneness, are all available through the organic power of the breath.

It is said among practitioners that 10 sessions of Rebirthing is equivalent to several years of traditional psychotherapy. This is mainly because the technique is bypassing  the narrow linguistic process of the neocortex, and operating in the deeper, more primal centres of the brain, where the actual trauma and emotion are stored. Rather than having to “think it out” and intellectualize what each issue or pattern is that we’re dealing with, You can go straight to releasing and healing them. One might even call it a shortcut in psycho-spiritual healing.

The mind and body are a symbiotic system, where the operation and overall health of one directly affects the other. As muscular and energetic “blocks” are softened or eradicated, an immense amount of energy becomes available to the psyche. This freedom of Prana, Qi, or “life force” – the more common names for the life sustaining current in all things – not only promotes a feeling of bright vitality, but also allows us to carry forward in life with a renewed, fortified sense of Self.

It has played a leading role in my own healing. With it, I’ve demolished personal walls and patterns of negative thinking, which led to empowered thought, behaviour and action, resulting in greater overall effectiveness and fulfillment as a human being.

Book with Me:

* Sessions can be conducted via Skype if you are not a resident of Vancouver, B.C.
**Multiple session options will be conducted weekly or bi-weekly based on client preference and schedule availability.

Individual session – 90 min – $100
3 sessions – $250
10 sessions – $800


Phone: 604.220.1011

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