What Is Cryotherapy?

Written For: Floathouse Vancouver
Date: August 2017

Cryotherapy (or “cold” therapy) is a cutting-edge method for boosting physical and mental performance, burning fat, managing pain and reducing inflammation.

It works by inducing what is called a “hormetic response”.

In large doses, things like intense cold and viruses can be lethal. But in small and safe doses they trigger adaptive biological responses, which are hardwired into our genetics.

Various regions, like Scandinavia, have long-standing traditions of intentional cold exposure for the cultivation of optimal health. Modern research now shows that brief exposure to intense cold initiates many regenerative and restorative processes.


The impressive list of cryotherapy benefits includes:

  • accelerated metabolism
  • inflammation reduction
  • anti-aging
  • increased circulation
  • boosted immune and cardiovascular health
  • sharper cognition
  • elevated mood
  • improved athletic performance
  • fast recovery from injuries and strenuous exercise

Because of these diverse health benefits, which are delivered in record time, cryotherapy tanks have become popular among major league and Olympic athletes, biohackers, and Hollywood celebrities.


A session in a Cryo tank is simple, quick, and effective. While standing in a vertical, neck-high chamber, the air is cooled to between 145°C and 165°C below freezing for up to three minutes.

Since there is no moisture or wind chill factor, these temperatures are far more comfortable than an immersive ice bath — and exponentially more effective, too.

A brisk dip or cold shower might bring a refreshing shock and make you feel wakeful, but the deep, genetic responses are only triggered at temperatures impossible to reach in your bathroom.

Since the average ice bath only hovers and 7 and 12°C bathers simply don’t get the intended results.

A key player in the magic of cryotherapy is norepinephrine (NE) – a hormone and neurotransmitter that boosts your mood, attention span, and mental sharpness. These temperatures stimulate the production and release of significant amounts of NE into the bloodstream.

Norepinephrine is also an anti-inflammatory agent, as it mediates several other functions that cause inflammation.

This decreases the experience of muscle and joint pain, as well as accelerates the recovery and repair of soft tissues, key reasons why high-level athletes like LeBron James, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Cristiano Ronaldo have adopted cryotherapy.


When you have a long week and need a burst of energy to help you charge through it – forget coffee. Caffeine only provides a temporary buzz that taxes your system and inhibits the body from getting the proper rest it needs.

Cryotherapy is an ideal and sustainable solution to reset your system, dissipate accumulated stress, and get an invigorating rush of mental clarity.

Plus, it improves the quality of your sleep, which means you’ll get deeper, natural restoration to further support and sustain optimal performance.

Until now, cryotherapy tanks have been very hard to access outside of research labs and training facilities. But public cryotherapy centres like Vancouver Cryotherapy are beginning to open in major cities.

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, or want to experience what it’s like to be on the top of your game, nothing compares to what cryotherapy offers.

Call or book online today and step into the future of health and human performance.